Benefits of HTML5

HTML5 is the omnipresent platform for the web. HTML5 is filled with so many revolutionary features. These features enable the developers to create websites and mobile applications, which will have the same speed, performance, functionality and experience as the desktop applications.

HTML5 has something new for all its audiences, whether it may be a mobile apps developer or a web developer or an enterprise or a game dev, who is desperate to explore the web. Desktop applications can reach only a limited number of audiences. On the other hand, apps built on the HTML5 platform can attract a wider range of audiences by using an array of devices.

The browsers that were in use before were fast and responsive but not so secure. But HTML5 has out-dated all previous browsers for the reason that it’s fast, secure, responsive, interactive and above all stunningly beautiful. The users would have generally got this boring experience of having to install apps across multiple devices before having the pleasure of using them. But with HTML5, a user can run a new app instantly by clicking on the link or the icon without worrying about its download. Also users don’t need to be bothered whether the applications are working on the current version or not and that if the updates are downloaded. HTML5 simply frees its users from common hassles. The users are no longer bound to a specific device. They can use any app they like wherever they are and in whatever the device may be without the need to install. The data, works and tools of the users follow them wherever they are. As for now, HTML5 has more than 200 million active users. HTML5 accelerates the rate at which an innovation is made and the rate at which it reaches all the users.