How to add an RSS Feed to your site

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication". It is used to publish frequently updated content to the reader RSS, which can be web, desktop or mobile device based. This is a great way to add content to your site, because it will be updated at intervals that you choose, keeping the site current and more in relation to the search engines.

RSS feeds contain news, blogs, videos, and even Web pages. More than likely, you've seen, RSS-channels when searching the Internet. Have you ever noticed the orange icons that appear in certain web pages, they show that the content of the page or the page RSS feed.

It is easy to find the RSS-channel, just type in the type of food you're looking for in your favorite search engine and include the "RSS" in your search. For example, say that you are interested in cars, search cars + RSS feed. Maybe you enjoy gardening, try gardening + RSS feed. Most major news sites have RSS-feeds, as do the search engines.

If you find a site that has an RSS feed you want, you'll need to copy it. Look at the orange icon, right-click or orange icon or name next to it, from the pop-up menu, select "Copy Link Location" and paste it into your document later. Link, as a rule, include the words "RSS" or "channel" to identify it as a channel.

Know that you have a channel of RSS, that you are interested in time to get it on your website. You can add these items to the site by typing the code in XML, but it is much easier and faster to go to a site that does it for you. Remember when adding RSS-channel, to add the current contents of your site, not to spend time learning XML-code.

There are many sites that you can add an RSS feed on your site, just search for "add RSS-feed for the site" and you'll get a pretty big list.

When you decide on the site you need to register with them, most sites offer free or a certain number of RSS-channels for free.

Some sites allow you to choose the format for submission of RSS, such as HTML, Flash and PDF.

You will be able to filter the RSS feeds for specific information, so you get the exact content you are looking for.

Once you have completed your selection you will be given the code to paste on your site. The whole process only takes a few minutes. Your site will get a continuous and current information on a daily basis, which will increase the chances of search engines find your site.